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Fresh Heads Lice Removal, LLC BBB Business Review

- Fresh Heads Head Lice Removal Treatment Center - Jacksonville, FL - Orlando, FL - Savannah, GA

  • "If there is one good thing about having lice, it is FreshHeads! From the moment I realized lice had infected our family, my world turned upside down. Mandy and the technicians brought calmness and clarity to our house. I re-gained confidence that all would be okay after learning that the removal procedure is guaranteed for 30 days and the preventative products are 99.9% effective if used properly. Mandy patiently answered all my many questions even allowing me to text pictures of my own hair when I started to act the paranoid nut that lice causes you to become:) FreshHeads turned what could have been a household disaster into a minor speed bump, allowing us to resume our busy lives within a couple days of spotting the lice. Jacksonville is so lucky to have a place like FreshHeads and I will forever be grateful for their amazing services! " M.E. Atlantic Beach, FL
  • "You made a very scary experience tolerable for my 2 year old (and myself)! Thank you for your patience and kindness to both of us! I would 100% recommend your service to all in need. Thank you so much! " Ann Jacksonville, FL
  • "I was more than 100% satisfied with Fresh Heads' incredibly prompt service and attention to detail. I would recommend Fresh Heads to anyone having to deal with this horrible ordeal - believe me, Fresh Heads makes it so much better to deal with." K.C. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • "This was my first experience ever dealing with head lice, I knew it was going to be a pain especially since my daughter has long blonde hair, After using every thing possible on the Market and staying up all hours of the night combing through her hair thinking I am getting rid of the lice and nits and treating myself and my son's hair as well, just for precautionary measures. Also having my daughter sleep with oil in her hair and Cleaning the house from top to bottom and washing at least 30 loads of laundry in 3 days. Just to find out the over the counter pesticides just didn't do the trick. I sent my daughter back to school on the following Monday thinking she was free and clear and got a phone call from the school nurse an hour after I dropped her off to come pick her up because she still had lice!!! So I was told about Fresh Heads and called them immediately and they returned my phone call promptly and got me in the very next morning for treatment. Also they gave me a bottle of their special lice killing oil to take home that night so I could at least have piece of mind over the night since I couldn't get in that same day. So I treated my daughters hair and took her in the next morning and the service was great! And we are once again a lice free household! Thank goodness!!" K.B. Jacksonville, FL
  • "I called in a complete panic late on a Sunday afternoon and a representative called me right back even though she was on a bike ride with her family. She gave me valuable information to keep us safe until we could be seen the next day. Walking into a store to find something is a big challenge and I would have had NO IDEA what to buy. We were seen the next day and discovered that my daughter only had a few nits which we are currrently following the program on to comb daily and have oiled as prescribed. Had those few nits not been taken care of then we'd be facing a whole different story!! I am so happy that this business exists and that the information is there for us to utilized. Lice is not a fun topic but if treated then it can be a rather easy situation to handle. Thank you for your help. We hope to never visit again but would happily send anyone we know to see you." S.R. Jacksonville, FL
  • "I called and Mandy, the owner, the extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. The technician was very knowledgeable and she made my kids feel very comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. The process took about 1.5 - 2 hours and we are now lice free! We had already done 2 other treatment with over the counter stuff. It didn't work!!! We would kill what was alive - well some of them - and then the nits are left. A few days later they hatch. This process kills all of the nits. It kills most of the live ones as well - but the ones that aren't killed are smothered with the treatment they put on after they use the AirAlle. I highly recommend and will use again if we get cursed with this again!" T.O. Mandarin, FL
  • "Our whole family thanks you for the peace of mind and ease of the service you provided to our family. The process was easy and they educated me not only about lice but how to prevent lice. I would never want this again. Only 1 child had it but I'm glad they checked everyone, just like I said for peace of mind. I appreciate the 30 day guarantee as well because before I went to you the process was a nightmare. I'm glad to be done with it. Thanks again." K.L. Jacksonville, FL
  • "Mandy, Your team was wonderful. You guys saved me countless hours of picking and combing through my daughter's hair. We are still combing every day, but with great relief that the will not be an extremely long drawn out process like in the past. Thanks to your wonderful handy tools (comb) which by the way is awesome. It glides through the hair without ripping her hair. For that she is thankful!! This can be such an embarrassing time for a young girl. You and your team made it a little easier to manage. Thanks so Much!!!!" Kelly P. Jacksonville, FL
  • "The service and people were wonderful. They made me feel much calmer about the lice!!! " M.F. Fleming Island, FL
  • "Very friendly staff and pleasant experience. After 5 failing attempts at home-treatment, I was relieved to find Fresh Heads. I can rest easy now knowing the "critters" are gone for good! I would recommend them to anyone who has the misfortune of contracting lice." Ginger Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • "Going there was peace of mind. I recommend this operation to everyone." Alison Jacksonville, FL
  • "You guys were amazing. Its a stressful time when you discover your entire family has evidence of live louse and nits! An overwhelming job for one Mom.. Even if I do a wonderful job on my young kids, who is going to treat me? I am so glad I went to Fresh Heads. We drove over 2 1/2 hours each way to reach their treatment facility... and although I know I don't have to go back.. I would in a minute! They were professional, kind and wonderful. Made us all feel very welcome and did an incredibly thorough job! I would recommend Fresh Heads any day of the week. Thank You so very much!" Bug Free Tallahassee, FL
  • "I highly recommend Fresh Heads Lice Removal! After spending 4 hours treating and combing my daughter's hair, there were still some nits. We emailed them at midnight for an appointment and received a call at 8:15am. Our entire family went just to be careful. We discovered our other child had nits as well. They checked us all over and treated our kids. We all left "lice-free". What a relief. They were compassionate and thorough. Unlike the OTC treatments, they offer a 30 day guarantee as well! Dealing with lice is exhausting, but they took away any anxiety I might have had about missing even one nit." Chris Jacksonville, FL
  • "Thank you all very, very much for helping me “get through” this episode and reassuring me that all was well today. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. I was a little late for the first appointment (got lost) and early for the second appointment a month later. No one seemed to mind and I was taken care of so very well at all times. Thank you for being so gentle and understanding! If the situation ever comes up with acquaintances, I will certainly recommend your services and will tell my Dermatologist about my excellent experience. What a relief! I am so happy to be told “all is well”. Thanks Again." A Happy Customer St. John's, FL
  • "I am such a fan of you guys. You could have told me that my daughter had lice again, and I wouldn't have thought twice about having her treated and coming in for a treatment myself. The fact that you gave her the all clear, and made it $25 instead of $300 just shows the integrity you have--which I never doubted, it was just more proof. I am spreading the word as much as I can!" Holly Jacksonville, FL
  • "I love your company! Thanks for saving me having a nervous breakdown!!!! I can finally relax! AMAZING! And I can actually look at beds and couches without worrying that I have to throw everything in the wash again. I will recommend you to everyone I can. I am so grateful that I stumbled across your website and that you answered my call after 10pm! I appreciate everything you have done for me (and all those texts you have answered promptly). I hope that you and your company will continue to be very successful." Jennifer Savannah, GA
  • "After discovering our middle school daughter had lice we treated her, and the entire family with the most popular treatment from the drug store. We followed the directions explicitly and still had live adults in her hair. We were horrified to discover that the treatment we applied contains a toxic pesticide that lice are developing immunity to. Our daughter's school has a no nit policy and even after spending over six hours there were still hundreds of nits. I just didn't have the proper tools and skills to get the job done. In the meantime, the adult lice that the treatment didn't kill were laying more eggs. I was frustrated, embarrassed, and my eyes and back hurt. Shaving her head seemed to be a good option, but resistance came from many quarters. We turned to the internet and found many home remedies, but they all reported mixed results and multiple treatments. Finally, we came across Fresh Heads. Fresh Heads got us in right away, and in one treatment killed all the adult lice and eggs and combed out all the dead stuff. They gave us a certificate to give to the school showing that our daughter was nit free, a 30-day guarantee and simple instructions on how to clean her clothes, bedding, etc to prevent a re-infestation. We could have saved a lot of money, time and frustration had we gone to Fresh Heads first. Parents, don't waste your time with other alternatives. Get it once and done at Fresh Heads Lice Removal." Dan Neptune Beach, FL
  • "If we had only called Fresh Heads when the whole mess began, we would have saved hundreds of dollars, hours and hours of pointless cleaning, months of picking, and perhaps most importantly, our sanity. We literally wasted hundreds of dollars on treatments that didn't work. I wish we had called you first! I couldn't believe the new salon. It was so clean and actually enjoyable! Best of all, our lice problem is now done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Alice Jacksonville, FL
  • "As a grandparent, the last thing I thought I might be dealing with was head lice. My granddaughter came to visit right after camp this summer, and the day before she left we discovered she had lice. I called her mom who suggested I go to the store and buy over the counter products. Needless to say, that was the start of it all. Soon, I started scratching and found out I had it also. We tried all the same products over and over, washed all the bed sheets and clothes over and over, and still had the same problem. A relative told us about your service and we are now lice free! I can only wish that every family would know how ineffective the over the counter products are and go straight to Fresh Heads. Your salon was beautiful and clean, and you and your staff are extremely professional, and I was extremely pleased and relieved that the problem is now behind us." A Grateful Granny Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • "Finding out that my daughter had lice was extremely upsetting. I was overwhelmed after being told that I should wash all of our clothes, bedding, and car seats; vacuum the entire house; pack up all pillows and stuffed animals; and wash my daughter's hair with lice shampoo followed by picking out every single nit. After doing these things for five days and fighting a losing battle, I called Fresh Heads. They were very knowledgeable about the lifestyle and habits of lice, and based on this, I found out that some of the cleaning I was doing was unnecessary. They came to my home, and used the LouseBuster™ machine to quickly treat my daughter’s head. After this application, I checked every other day for one week for nits and never found any more. Our technician also advised me on products that I can use that actually repel lice to prevent recurrence. Having Fresh Heads help was crucial in getting rid of lice at our house. I only wish I had spoken to her sooner so that I could have avoided spending time on things that didn't work." Stephanie Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • "Any parent who has ever had to deal with head lice knows what a horror they can be. The weeks or months of applying over the counter chemicals again and again, or worse, prescription pesticides that burn the scalp and ultimately don't work either. The hours of combing and picking bugs and eggs from your child's hair. The depression of the child who has to endure all of that. Well I just went through it and had just about given up. I decided to search online for any alternative method. Out of nowhere, I found Fresh Heads. Mandy explained the procedure over the phone and was at my house in a few hours. She spent an hour with her incredible hot air LouseBuster™ device and a little more time combing out the now dead pests. My daughter was cured!! Painless, no chemicals, and best of all, no repeat applications needed! The professionalism was incredible. The explanation of how to treat your house was simple and much less extensive than I was lead to believe. The prevention products that are available are excellent. I can't thank them enough and I'm so happy I found this miracle right here in Jacksonville. If you have a head lice problem you HAVE to call Fresh Heads!" Kenny Fleming Island, FL
  • "What a wonderful job you have done, what excellent service you provide! " Michele Jacksonville, FL
  • "Excellent service! Thank you for everything." April Jacksonville, FL
  • "You are a God send!!! My daughter is a totally different person She is confident & happy again!! Can't thank you enough!!!!!" Janet Mill Cove, FL
  • "Getting rid of the lice in one treatment was wonderful! I am recommending you to everyone I know!" Tracy St. John's, FL
  • "The staff was awesome!! They were so caring and good with my kids. You really made an unpleasant experience so much better. Thank you so much!!" Erin Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your service rocked...thank you for ridding us of such an unnerving situation. We are thrilled to be lice and itch free." Katie Jacksonville, FL
  • "When my child had head lice for the first time last year, I opted to treat the head lice at home with over the counter products. It seemed to work and we experienced no issues until 7 months later. My child got head lice again and I again I opted to treat it with over the counter product. This began in June, lice was found again in July and then again in August. Three months in a row was my breaking point. I decided to look the Fresh Heads information up online and contact them for an appointment. It was a Saturday when I called and although I had hoped someone would be available to take my call, I was quite surprised that someone actually answered the phone. Furthermore I was able to get an appointment the same day. The facility was very easy to locate and it was very sanitary. I also could not have been more pleased with the service and knowledge of the technicians. The price is on the high side however I feel it was worth every penny and should have taken advantage of the treatment sooner.The entire treatment took about an hour and I would highly recommend this option over the at home treatments. I also received helpful information on how to treat furniture, bedding, brushes, etc. I was extremely pleased all around." Anonymous FL
  • "How great are the folks at Fresh Heads? They stay open late and get you in right away! Who wants to live with lice any longer than necessary??" Anonymous FL
  • "Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You really saved my sanity!! When I took my daughter back to school the next day and handed them the "return to school notes" you have us it started a "where are they located" conversation, but when the looked thru my daughters hair and it was SPOTLESS they were raving about the job! I even promised to stop by and grab some cards next time I was in your area!! The school was impressed and so were we with the quality of service!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Michelle FL
  • "I was very pleased with the help and professional care that I received at Fresh Heads Salon. I would definately recommend this service to freinds and family. Using those harsh cemical like Rid and Nix was very damaging to my scalpe and the process that you get from Fresh Heads is no comparison." Anonymous FL
  • "My daughter and I were both checked and treated. I am thrilled with your service and feel as though a huge burden has been lifted. I know that my daughter and I truly have "Fresh Heads" now." Anonymous GA
  • "Thank you Mandy & the Fresh Heads team! They made a not so pleasant experience as easy as possible. After hearing friends bemoan experiences with various alternative treatments, I did not hesitate to call Fresh Heads when I discovered my daughter had lice. They managed to get us in that same day. It was money well spent and saved me quite a bit of time.....which could then be used for all disinfecting and laundry." Anonymous FL
  • "After trying to treat my 15 year old myself for 3 weeks, I searched the internet and found Fresh Heads. I combed through every strand of her long, thick hair several times but couldn't seem to conquer the infestation. I HATE LICE! I called late one night to get some information and my call was returned pretty early the following morning. I scheduled an appointment for the following morning. We got up early and drove to Jacksonville. Finally, we are lice free!! I am so pleased with this service and will definitely recommend it to anyone I know who has the unfortunate luck to get lice in their home. Thank you Mandy and the Fresh Heads team!!" Anonymous GA
  • "Your facility was conveniently located, and clean. Your staff was exceptional and shared their expertise willingly. Oddly, my family regarded the experience as a highlight of the day. Thank you!!" Anonymous GA
  • "When you realize something is wrong and lice have infested your children's head, you want action and relief immediately. In our case it was. When we called the salon we were fit in immediately and our fears put to rest. Their experienced staff explained everything and walked us thru their simple process. A heat machine is blown on to the head for about an hour which is hot enough to kill the lice but does not burn the scalp. This process saved so much time rather than trying the over the counter approach that often does not work. It turned out that not only both my children had lice but I as their mother had it too. A very scary situation was handled with professionalism and care. I would recommend this service to anyone in the same situation. It has been a week and our lice are gone. The preventative shampoos and spay are excellent. They smell great and make your hair look good too. Thank you to everyone at Fresh Heads." Francine FL
  • "Thank you so much for you help. Treating with your products at home has been so much easier and safer. The comb is amazing and the conditioner makes it easy to comb through and remove those dreaded nits. Thanks again." Anonymous FL
  • "You guys were amazing. Its a stressful time when you discover your entire family has evidence of live louse and nits! An overwhelming job for one Mom.. Even if I do a wonderful job on my young kids, who is going to treat me? I am so glad I went to Fresh Heads. We drove over 2 1/2 hours each way to reach their treatment facility... and although I know I don't have to go back.. I would in a minute! They were professional, kind and wonderful. Made us all feel very welcome and did an incredibly thorough job! I would recommend Fresh Heads any day of the week. Thank You so very much!" Michele GA
  • "This place is awesome! Professional and clean way to rid your kids of pesky lice. Glad we found it and we're treated so promptly. " Ava FL
  • "Quick service with a smile. Technician was professional and great with my children. Worth every penny. So lucky to have found this place. They are the best at what they do. " Jackie GA
  • "Fresh Heads is a life saver! My daughter has long thick hair and they do an awesome job with her with minimal discomfort. I've recommended Fresh Heads to several people and even let her school know about it so they can pass along the information to other families. " Jeriann FL
  • "Teresa is amazing! She stayed late with me and my children and talked to us as if we've known each other for years. She did an awesome job and I could not have asked for more. Thank you so much!" Anonymous FL
  • "I am so thankful for Fresh Heads. Your service turns what would be several days of combing and cleaning into a one day process. I also love that your service doesn't use chemicals to get rid of lice. Well worth the money. Thanks for saving my sanity." Anonymous FL
  • "Incredible service! They made my children feel comfortable and filled us in on all that we could do to protect and prevent in the future." Anonymous FL
  • "We are so grateful to have been treated by FreshHeads and their wonderful technicians. I was truly exhausted both in time and money and simply could not get a handle on the problem. We were treated as well as our questions concerning ridding our home and future prevention, which were all answered with kindness, knowledge and patience. I also purchased preventative products, and despite the school still having problems, we are still lice free. Thank you FreshHeads. Thank you for returning my peace of mind. " Deborah FL
  • "When I got the call from the school...."We have to send your daughter home, evidence of lice was found on her head." I quietly freaked out...then immediately called Fresh Heads. They worked us in on an extremely busy day. I went straight from the school to the treatment center! I would never again, have it any other way! This was our second encounter with these tiny pests. The first time (years ago) I went out and spent a small fortune on store bought products....that did absolutely NOTHING, but make a big mess and contaminated my home with unnecessary pesticides. I owe MY sanity and bug free hair to Fresh Heads. Thank you ladies again for saving us from going "nit crazy"! " Amy FL
  • "You made a difficult situation easier to handle. Thank you for your help in treating our family." Teresa FL
  • "What a relief to know that the lice are gone for good! The staff is amazing; knowledgeable, attentive and friendly to boot! I wouldn't wish head lice on anyone, but I will recommended Fresh Heads as the BEST arsenal against the little buggers to anyone dealing with it!" Anonymous GA
  • "I was so impressed by your service and facility! After battling lice for weeks about a year ago, it felt like a miracle to use your services and be done with it! I will be referring my friends!" Anonymous FL
  • "We are very pleased with the service that was received! We are grateful for the information to help us when we got home to eliminate the lice at home." Anonymous FL
  • "Worth. Every. Penny. Signed up for total protection, too. I don't ever want to deal with my kids' lice problems by myself ever again!!!" Anonymous FL
  • "I found one bug on my daughter, and I immediately went out and bought one of the pharmacy treatment boxes, but I honestly wanted to be done with it. Fortunately when we came into Fresh Heads, we found out my daughter didn't have any bugs, but she did have a couple of nits in her hair that I had missed. I opted for the AirAllé, and it was the best investment ever. Michelle went through and proceeded to pull out a few more nits after doing a strand by strand check. We all also went home with oil treatments as a precaution. Thank you for making this experience an easy one to deal with. I highly recommend Fresh Heads for all lice removal needs. I purchased preventative products and insurance on top of the services I had already planned to pay for. Your staff is knowledgeable, professional, and patient. This in turn helped my daughter feel comfortable to sit through the treatment and comb through. Thanks! " Holly FL