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Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is very proud to be the exclusive provider of The AirAllé™  head lice treatment. The AirAllé™  is a revolutionary new way to kill head lice and their eggs without using pesticides or harmful chemicals. Clinical studies have shown that the AirAllé™ treatment, which uses only controlled heated air, kills all stages of head lice safely, very effectively, and very quickly! That’s right, it’s pesticide-free lice removal!

Simply removing every egg with a comb is difficult to do, even for professionals. However, Fresh Heads, offers a 1-2-3 punch with the heated air, combing and dimethicone oil. This creates a highly effective, one-time treatment for both lice and eggs. Because it is so effective, we can feel confident in offering a 30 day retreatment guarantee.

The treatment is highly effective against all head lice infestations, including infestations with pesticide-resistant lice. It is appropriate for individuals who have asthma, allergies, or other conditions that preclude traditional chemical treatments for head lice. For more information on benefits and possible risks, visit www.airalle.com or call 1-877-781-0999.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is the only authorized AirAllé™  treatment provider in the Jacksonville, Savannah, and Orlando areas. Because the AirAllé™ is so effective, particularly against the nits, we are able to offer a 30-day re-treatment guarantee. All siblings and moms are required to be checked and cleared by our staff for our guarantee to be valid.

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